Studi-AKTIV Panel Study

Welcome to the Information Website on the Studi-AKTIV Panel Study

Here, you will find all relevant information on the three-year KIT Studi-AKTIV panel study. The study starts on April 16, 2018 with a first survey addressed to all bachelor's and master's students of KIT in the second semester. More than 5000 students receive a mail relating to the online questionnaire in German and English on April 16 and are invited to take part until May 31, 2018.

Thank you for your participation in the study!

Why is your participation important to us? What do we want to find out?

Studi-AKTIV is the German acronym of studying behavior, offers at KIT, topics, information, and improvement processes. The study is aimed at finding out, among others, how you experience the study requirements, use the information offers made by KIT, how you study, and rate the administrative procedures in connection with your studies. Your participation enables us to improve KIT's study and information offers in the long term and to conduct in-depth research relating to the learning behavior of students. All data will be evaluated in anonymized form. First results will be published here. An overview of the research foci is given here. (Further information will be published soon):

Reasons for studies
Expectations on studies
Current studies situation Requirements during studies
Use of information
(planning, organization of studies)
Feedback on the information offers Feedback on administrative procedures
Personal characteristics Learning strategies Research-based learning

What is a panel study?

In the course of a panel study, the same persons are interviewed several times. In this way, it can be found out how certain characteristics change or remain stable over time. Within the framework of Studi-AKTIV, we will contact you again in October 2018 for a second round of the survey. Until the 2020/21 winter semester, you will be requested to take part in the study every six months. The questions to be answered will vary from one semester to the next.

Who are we?

The Studi-AKTIV study is planned and carried out by the Teaching/Learning Research Group (Institute for Vocational Education and General Education, IBAP), the IT Group of KIT's Department of Economics and Management (Wiwi-IT), and the Institute of Applied Informatics and Formal Description Methods (AIFB). It is one activity of the Research-based Education PLUS Program of KIT.

Our team members are (from left to right): Prof. Dr. Ines Langemeyer (IBAP), Dr. Frederic Toussaint (Wiwi-IT), Dr. Friederike Pfeiffer-Bohnen (AIFB), Sabrina Schmid (IBAP), Nadja Schlindwein (IBAP) und Ines Grau (IBAP).

Ines Langemeyer Frederic Toussaint Friederike Pfeiffer-Bohnen Sabrina Schmid Nadja Schlindwein Ines Grau