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Strategic Corporate Development and Communications
Kaiserstraße 12, Building 11.40
76131 Karlsruhe

Nadja Legrum-Khaled
Head of Quality Management
Nadja Legrum-Khaled

Phone: +49 721 608-21140 

Email: nadja legrum-khaledBxw8∂kit edu

Quality Management in Teaching and Studies

We offer research-based study programs to prepare our students for responsible positions in society, industry, and science.


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KIT’s scheme for quality management in teaching and studies combines evaluations along the student lifecycle with regular close monitoring of study programs using a report, analysis, and assessment model, the so-called KIT-PLUS process. Students are actively and widely integrated in the quality assurance process on the evaluation level.

The scheme for quality management in teaching and studies includes the following instruments:

  • KIT-PLUS process
  • Internal regulations of KIT to guarantee compliance with European and national requirements relating to the conception of study programs
  • Accompanying surveys at the beginning of, during, and after the studies (student lifecycle)
  • Evaluations of courses, including elective key qualification courses offered by the House of Competence (HoC), and further development of the process.

Within the system-accredited KIT-PLUS process, the study programs of KIT are analyzed systematically and continuously. Among other aspects the programs are reviewed concerning all formal requirements defined by the German Conference of Ministers of Education and the Accreditation Council. The KIT departments draft a report for each of their study programs and develop proposals for their further development. In addition, two external experts for each study program are invited to submit an opinion.

Based on the above documents, the programs are reviewed thoroughly by the internal KIT-PLUS commission and recommendations are made for the target agreement meeting of the Vice President for Higher Education and Academic Affairs and the responsible Studies Dean (DialogPLUS). The KIT-PLUS commission consists of professors, students, a member of the academic staff, and the Equal Opportunities Commissioner and is supported by the KIT Quality Management Unit and the Studying and Teaching Service Unit. The decision on the accreditation of the study program is made by the Presidential Committee upon completion of the DialogPLUS meeting.

System Accreditation since 2014

Since the introduction of the bachelor-master system within the Bologna process, all study programs have to be accredited. After successful evaluation of its internal quality assurance system in academic education by the Swiss agency AAQ, KIT has been given the right to accredit its study programs on its own (KIT-PLUS process, see above). System accreditation ensures a high quality of the study programs and their formal correctness according to national and European regulations. System accreditation of KIT is valid until September 2020.