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Press Office

Here, journalists will find latest news from research, academic education, and innovation and a list of experts for background interviews.

The Press Office of KIT works at the interface between KIT and the public, supports journalistic research, and helps find the right interview partner. We inform about latest research results and developments in academic education as well as about cooperation projects of KIT as an important R&D partner of industry.

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Current Press Releases
No. Date Image Title
032 12.04.2021 Based on the Europium(III) scientists aim to  advance the development of Quantum Computers. (S. Kuppusamy, KIT)
029 30.03.2021 2021_029_Antireflexfolie Was Hightech von Pflanzen lernen kann_72dpi
027 25.03.2021 The flexible production system combines the high productivity and precision of special machines with the flexibility and adaptability of industrial robots. (Photo: wbk, KIT)
020 08.03.2021 2021_020_Mit KI Waelder schuetzen und bewirtschaften_72dpi
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