Corporate Communications

The Corporate Communications Department is responsible for the central internal and external communication of KIT. At the interface between KIT and the public, we are the central contact for the media and the public. We report on current results from KIT's cutting-edge research as well as achievements in teaching and innovation in a target group-oriented and multimedia-based manner. Our communication formats range from press releases, online and social media, allocation of experts, print and online magazines to video and audio offers for the external public as well as for our employees and students.

Corporate Communications
Name Degree Function Contact
Dipl.-Journalistin Head of Corporate Communications, Chief Press Officer +49 721 608-41150
monika landgrafYfo3∂kit edu
M. A. Channel Manager +49 721 608-41153
denis elblWcc2∂kit edu
Dr. Editor, Press Officer +49 721 608-41154
sabine fodiGkx5∂kit edu
Sekretariat Abt. Gesamtkommunikation, Gremien, Zentrales Marketing und Wissenstransfer +49 721 608-41105
michelle hanischXng9∂kit edu
M. A. Editor, Press Officer +49 721 608-41155
justus hartliebPbs4∂kit edu
Dr. Editor, Press Officer +49 721 608-41169
martin heidelbergerEpk1∂kit edu
Dr. Editorial Manager +49 721 608-41151
joachim hoffmannZcv2∂kit edu
M. A. Editor for the wbk Institute of Production Science +49 1523 950 2612
melanie klagmannOui8∂kit edu
Editor Project reFuels +49 721 608-41175
christoph koellePxy0∂kit edu
Dipl.-Volkswirtin Communication Controlling +49 721 608-41176
tina kreuzLbh9∂kit edu
M. A. Deputy Press Officer, Channel Manager +49 721 608-41157
margarete lehneQho7∂kit edu
Editor, Press Officer +49 721 608-41158
regina linkVmm7∂kit edu
M. Sc. Channel Manager +49 721 608-41159
carola menschHlz4∂kit edu
Dr. phil. Editor, Press Officer +49 721 608-41171
felix mescoliQuu9∂kit edu
Online Publishing +49 721 608-41161
iris oberdorfUxd3∂kit edu
Assistance editorial office/publishing +49 721 608-41127
julia rohnstockKgc8∂kit edu
M. A. Channel Manager +49 721 608-41152
timo schreckEzl7∂kit edu
Trainee +49 721 608-41156
aileen seebauerFwr6∂kit edu
Lector +49 721 608-41163
christiane heideAon4∂kit edu
B. A. Editor, Press Officer +49 721 608-41172
sandra wiebeBxg5∂kit edu
M. A. Photo editing, Channel Manager +49 721 608-44776
gabi zachmannIlh1∂kit edu