Appointment procedures

The responsibility for the appointment procedure lies with the President of KIT. The appointment procedure is coordinated and supervised by SEK-Berufungen from the very beginning. In addition to the preparation and monitoring of the central committee process and the quality assurance of the entire appointment procedure, this includes in detail:

  • Planning of professorships within the framework of the structure and development plan
  • Preparation and follow-up of appointment and retention negotiations
  • Dealing with fundamental legal issues in connection with appointment procedures
  • Advising appointment committees
  • Coordination of the evaluation of W1 professorships
  • Organizing and documenting interviews for the renewal of endowments.

The detailed process steps and responsibilities can be found in the "Guidelines for the Implementation of Appointment Procedures to Fill W 2/W 3 Professorships and Senior Scientific Positions". These can be found in our download area(intranet), as can the associated forms and "Notes on the evaluation of W1 professorships".