SEK Project Management office

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SEK Strategic Corporate Development and Communications – Project Management Office (SEK PMB)

The SEK Project Management Office coordinates large organizational projects extending beyond single organizational units.

We support project leaders in implementing the KIT 2025 Umbrella Strategy and coordinate all non-scientific projects at KIT within project portfolio management.

This includes:

  • Supporting project leaders at KIT.
  • Providing templates for project management.
  • Assisting in prioritizing projects.
  • Defining projects to implement overarching organizational goals of KIT.
  • Facilitating and monitoring projects from the idea to implementation.
  • Constant monitoring of the project portfolio.
  • Project portfolio management services, e.g. consulting, coaching, training, resource allocation and calculation.

We are pleased to answer your questions and discuss ideas concerning KIT projects.


Implementing the KIT 2025 Umbrella Strategy

The SEK Project Management office forms the internal KIT part of the Project Management office (PMB) external link coordinating the implementation of the KIT 2025 umbrella strategy. Within PMB there is a close cooperation between internal and external project specialists.

Presently, The SEK Project Management office coordinates the following projects:


Implementation of the KIT 2025 Strategy

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