Strategic Corporate Development and Communications

Corporate Design

KIT as a brand. Strong. Distinctive. Professional. For the successful representation of KIT and all its institutes and units, it is important not only to highlight joint research, education or projects, but also to have a consistent optical appearance. A distinctive corporate design serves to communicate the corporate identity of the KIT, that is the character of the institution, to both the internal and external public.

Elements of KIT’s corporate design are the KIT logo, the Frutiger font, the typical colors and a defined color spectrum as well as some basic design components. Further information on the corporate design, style elements, and layout can be found in the style guide



The corporate design regulations are binding for everybody, in particular for those persons who present the KIT internally or externally. These may be both permanently employed and free-lance staff as well as external contractors, such as advertising agencies, printing shops, and cooperation partners.



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