Controlling and Reporting


The Strategic Controlling and Reporting Department (SEK-SCR) supports the Executive Board - but also other decision makers - in developing and implementing the strategy of KIT as well as in preparing targeted decisions. For this purpose, various instruments are made available to the KIT management, e.g. reports, analyses, and planning calculations. Furthermore, SEK-SCR takes over diverse tasks of internal and external reporting and its quality assurance.

Capacity calculation

SEK-SCR calculates the number of study places for admission-restricted degree programmes for each academic year. The principle applies that the available capacities must be fully utilised, taking into account the spatial and, above all, the human resources. This is the purpose of the capacity calculation.

The enrolment capacity is calculated on the basis of the number of teaching staff and by applying curricular values (CW). The CW designates the required teaching effort for one student in a course of study and is specified within a certain range in the state of Baden-Württemberg.

The determination of the CW by the department is done in coordination with the KIT Departments, the KIT Executive Board and the KIT Senate.

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Distribution of funds

SEK-SCR coordinates the distribution of funds to the KIT faculties. The following budgets are distributed:

  • KIT Qualipakt funds (including "Student Quality Assurance Funds").
  • Teaching budget
  • KIT faculty budget
  • Funds of the "University 2012" and "Master 2016" expansion plans

Recipients are in particular the KIT Departments in the areas. The funds are distributed via a model that takes into account various indicators (students, personnel, teaching links between KIT Departments). Parts of the KIT-Qualipakt funds are also distributed to central service units via an application procedure.

Strategy Fund

The Strategy Fund supports measures that provide strategic impetus in research, teaching and innovation. A selection procedure is carried out for this purpose (usually annually). SEK-SCR is responsible for coordinating the procedure, controlling and reporting on the Strategy Fund.

Selection results Strategy Fund (internal)

Measures 2018


  • Studiengebühren
  • Qualitätssicherungsmittel
  • KIT-Qualipakt

Data preparation

SEK-SCRprepares information on teaching, studies, research and resources on a regular or ad hoc basis. The data have different internal sources. Partly, the data are determined in the department, partly they are obtained from other departments.

Closely linked to this is the cooperation in the various projects on information management at KIT.


  • KIT - Daten und Zahlen 
  • Studierendenstatistiken 


Rankings are an important source of information for pupils (especially high school graduates), students, employers, ministries and other interested parties and are becoming increasingly important in external presentation.
The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology participates in various university rankings at specified intervals. KIT is evaluated in research and teaching on the basis of different criteria.

Some rankings in which KIT is represented:

  • CHE (Center for Higher Education Development)
  • THE (Times Higher Education)
  • WIWO (Business Week)
  • ARWU (Academic Ranking of World Universities/ Shanghai Ranking)
  • NTU-Ranking
  • QS-Ranking

SEK-SCR's task is to coordinate the data collection, to check and plausibilize the data and to pass it on to the agencies. Furthermore, the ranking results are analyzed and prepared for the information of the KIT committees.


KIT as "The Research University in the Helmholtz Association" maintains a comprehensive reporting system.

The central task of internal reporting is to provide information for internal control processes. We prepare decision-relevant information on a regular basis or as required and make it available to the Executive Board, committees and other organisational units as a basis for planning and decision-making.

The external reporting system is primarily used for reporting and accountability to the funding bodies. These primarily include the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the Helmholtz Association. Further target groups are cooperation partners from research and industry and the interested public. For quality assurance of reporting, SCR is the central clearing house for external data and report delivery of KIT.


SEK-SCR has assumed the function of central clearing. All external data deliveries for reporting purposes are checked by SCR in terms of form and content and released if the result is positive. The basic responsibility for the accuracy of the data and information to be reported remains with the processing institution.

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