Appointment Procedures

We support the Executive Board and the Division Heads in the implementation of the appointment procedures from the planning and establishment of the professorship to the acceptance of the call of the candidates, advise appointment committees in the course of the selection procedure, and support the new colleagues upon their arrival at KIT.

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Appointment Procedures
Name Degree Function Contact
Dipl. Soz.-Wiss. Head of Appointment Procedures +49 721 608-41110
katja rothhaas does-not-exist.kit edu
Dr. Koordination 100 Professuren-Programm +49 721 608-41115
rebecca huegler does-not-exist.kit edu
Dipl.-Betrw. (FH) Appointment Procedures Division I +49 721 608-41129
adrian kaiser does-not-exist.kit edu
Ass. iur. Neuberufenenservice +49 721 608-41118
tamara koch does-not-exist.kit edu
Dipl.-Betrw. (FH) Appointment Procedures Division IV +49 721 608-41111
daniela kuenstler does-not-exist.kit edu
M. A. Koordination Exzellenzmaßnahme Gender Equity II +49 721 608-41112
catharina munz does-not-exist.kit edu
Dipl. Agr.-Päd. Office Departments Appointment Procedures, Quality Management +49 721 608-41103
beate pinisch does-not-exist.kit edu
Projekt KIT 2.0 Verantwortliche Arbeitspaket 2 +49 721 608-41119
katharina schneider does-not-exist.kit edu
M.A. Dual Career Service + 49 721 608-41116
felicitas thoennessen does-not-exist.kit edu
Projekt KIT 2.0 Referentin Arbeitspaket 2 +49 721 608-21102
karin-alexandra tonndorf does-not-exist.kit edu
Consultant for Junior/Tenure Track Professorships +49 721 608-41113
christine walther does-not-exist.kit edu
B.A. Appointment Procedures Division III +49 721 608-41114
saskia weaver does-not-exist.kit edu
Appointment Procedures Division II +49 721 608-41117
brigitte weigl does-not-exist.kit edu
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