Project Management Office

The department is responsible for the coordination of large, overarching organizational projects. In addition to supporting project leaders in the implementation of the KIT 2025 umbrella strategy, our responsibilities also include project portfolio management of all non-scientific projects at KIT.

This includes among others:

  • the support of the project leaders at KIT,
  • the provision of templates for project management,
  • decision support for the prioritization of projects,
  • the definition of projects for the implementation of the superordinate organizational goals of KIT,
  • the accompaniment of project ideas up to project implementation,
  • ongoing monitoring of the project portfolio,
  • service offers around the topic of project portfolio management (consulting, coaching, training, resource calculation).



Dr.-Ing. Isabelle Südmeyer
Head of Project Management Office, Deputy Head of Business Unit

+49 721 608-41120isabelle suedmeyer does-not-exist.kit edu

Project Management Office
Name Degree Function Contact
Dr.-Ing. Head of Project Management Office, Deputy Head of Business Unit +49 721 608-41120
isabelle suedmeyer does-not-exist.kit edu
Dipl.-Betrw. (ESB) Project Coordination +49 721 608-41122
silke doering does-not-exist.kit edu
Dipl.-Ing. (Univ.) Assistant to the Head of Business Unit, Office +49 721 608-41101
sabrina mueller3 does-not-exist.kit edu
B.A. Project Coordination KIT 2025 +49 721 608 41123
aneta radon does-not-exist.kit edu
M. A. Support of KIT Bodies +49 721 608-41126
nastassja scheibenberger does-not-exist.kit edu