About us

The business unit Strategic Corporate Development and Communications (SEK) supports the KIT management in all cross-institutional strategy, governance, and communication issues. Thus, we are also the central contact for external partners and internally for science and administration. Our tasks concerning appointment procedures, communication, marketing, controlling, quality management, strategy projects, sustainability, and support of KIT bodies are performed in nine departments. On the following pages we would like to introduce our team to you.

Dr.-Ing. Isabelle Südmeyer
Head of Business Unit (temporary), Head of Project Management Office

+49 721 608-41120isabelle suedmeyer does-not-exist.kit edu

Appointment Procedures
Corporate Communications
Senatssaal KIT
Support of KIT Bodies
Executive Office
Projektmanagementbüro KIT
Project Management Office
Qualitätsmanagement Fotolia
Quality Management
Strategic Controlling and Reporting
Nachhaltigkeit Fotolia
Sustainability Office

Sustainability Strategy
Sustainability Reporting
Sustainability Management

Markenmanagement KIT
Central Marketing and Knowledge Transfer