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Support of KIT Bodies

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Our services

  • Helpdesk and point of contact for all central bodies of KIT
  • Administration of all KIT bodies: template and document design, drafting of agendas and proceedings, recording, coordination of appointments
  • Quality assurance: supervision of proceedings, controlling and archiving of decisions, share point support
  • Further development of processes and workflows of KIT bodies

The Supervisory Board supervises KIT's development and the establishment of its scientific profile. It provides the general framework needed to enhance the performance and competitiveness of KIT. Among other tasks, it elects the full-time members of the Executive Board of Directors and enacts the scientific Structure and Development Plan as well as the Master Plan for site development. The Supervisory Board of KIT consists of eleven members and meets three times per year.



The Executive Board of Directors manages KIT, with responsibilities organized along the departmental principle. The Executive Board of Directors is responsible for implementing the mission and strategy of KIT to the Supervisory Board, to various governmental bodies, to public administration, private industry, and society in general. The scope of activities of the Executive Board of Directors covers matters relating to appointments, budget and long-term financial planning, and the internal allocation of funds. The Executive Board of Directors consists of six members and meets weekly (PS), including the Division Heads (PS+) in its meeting every two weeks to discuss and prepare decisions.



The KIT Senate acts as internal parliament. In accordance with the KIT Act, it advises other bodies of KIT and decides in matters of research, academic education, studies, and continuing education. It confirms the election of full-time members of the Presidential Comitee and comments on the Structure and Development Plan of KIT. As a rule, the monthly meetings are not open to KIT staff. The KIT Senate is composed of elected members and members by virtue of office. Presently, these are 28 representatives of the large-scale research sector and the university sector (including KIT Deans), the members of the Presidential Committee, and a representative of each the Equal Opportunities team and Staff Council.



The five Divisions of KIT are organized along academic principles. They combine research, academic education, and innovation activities of the affiliated institutes, KIT Departments, and Helmholtz programs. The five Heads of Divisions meet every two weeks to plan, discuss, and prepare cross-divisional decisions. Each division has its own division council supporting the division management. The divisions are "I: Biology, Chemistry, and Process Engineering", "II: Informatics, Economics, and Society", "III: Mechanical and Electrical Engineering", "IV: Natural and Built Environment", and "V: Physics and Mathematics".