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Strategic Corporate Development and Communications
Kaiserstraße 12, Building 11.40
76131 Karlsruhe

Nadja Legrum-Khaled
Head of Quality Management
Nadja Legrum-Khaled

Phone: +49 721 608-21140 

Email: nadja legrum-khaledQki0∂kit edu


QM-Handbuch (Intranet)

Quality Management

Team Qualitätsmanamgement

The Quality Management Department of the Strategic Corporate Development and Communications Service Unit (SEK-QM) is responsible for the quality management of studies and teaching. In this, we work together with other KIT service units. Quality management processes comprise internal program accreditation (KIT-PLUS) and accreditation of KIT quality management system, evaluations along the student lifecycle, and counseling and support for KIT and external surveys.

Our offices are at Campus North, building 141. The course evaluation offices are at Campus South, building 10.11.