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Katharina Schneider
Katharina Schneider
Head of Appointment Procedures

+49 721 608-21110

katharina schneiderKfh7∂kit edu


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Appointment Procedures

SEK_Abteilung Berufungsverfahren

Appointment procedures are the most important and sustainable instrument for the implementation of the KIT strategy in research, higher education, and innovation.The candidates’ competencies and performance, their scope of activities in research, academic education, and innovation combined with interdisciplinary and strategic aspects are of vital importance for KIT. In line with our strategy “KIT 2025”, appointment procedures – themselves subject to highest quality assurance standards - serve to recruit the scientists best suited for KIT. Our operational support for the Presidential Committee and the Division Heads ranges from planning and establishing professorships to appointing new professors. We advise appointment commissions selecting the candidates and support our new colleagues upon their arrival at KIT.