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For individual consultations, please contact:
Felicitas Thönnessen

Felicitas Thönnessen (M.A.)

Representative Dual Career

Strategische Entwicklung und Kommunikation

Phone: +49 721-608 41116/-21116
Fax: +49 721-608 41149
E-Mail: felicitas thoennessenTdj5∂kit edu


Welcome to the  “KIT-JobPortal“!

Is your partner newly employed at the KIT as professor or junior scientist or does he or she plan to seek employment with us in the future? Being his or her dual career partner, would you also like to pick up or pursue your own career in the area of Karlsruhe? 

The KIT Job Portal gives you an overview of numerous job advertisements of selected regional institutions. It offers you the possibility to enter your personal search profile (anonymously or under your name) and make it visible to potential employers.

Please do not hesitate to make use of the KIT Job Portal and contact the Dual Career co-operation partners and potential employers from the region of Karlsruhe. Please refer to the FAQ for a first overview of the Job Portal’s possibilities.


The Dual Career Service team at KIT will be pleased to answer any further questions you may have.

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